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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Off the Mark

Here's a reply I just wrote to a potential buyer. What happened to my professionalism?

*The subject of inquiry being the condition of some novels

sent to aLiveJournalMember

There is some yellowing to the volumes, but other than that they're in like-new condition. Actually, I take that back, Volume 19 has a slight bend or residue on the back cover (I can't really tell since the so called bend doesn't effect the inside of the back cover, so might be a scratch? Is that even possible? (O_o)). However, if you order all those volumes you will get that one free anyways. I have pictures, just that I will need your email account to email them to you. Just to warn you though, I'm not the best at taking pictures...wobbly hands and no sense of esthetic and all. If you're still interested, let me know and PM me your email address.


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