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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's like Christmas in June!

Yesterday, I finally received the order I had placed in early May! Huzzah!
Oh how I love receiving packages in the mail even though I already know what most of them are. It's the child in me that loves the unwrapping of things. The feel of breaking down that last barrier to get to your prize. * never gets too old. Well, yesterday's package was a big one, but not necessarily mine since I'm planning on giving what's in it as graduation gifts to a friend and a family member. It contains art prints by the artist Nene Thomas. I won't be posting which prints I bought since I know for sure Jeanette from today & everyday reads this blog, so everyone can blame her that your curiosity will never be relieved in regards to the contents of this big package. However, to give my fellow readers a perspective of this huge package and how large these prints are, I have taken two pictures for comparison. Behold! You will now all be subjected to witness my infamous aforementioned extremely bad photographic skills!

And No, the pictures weren't taken with a cell phone, web cam, or any other device that produces low quality photos. My photography skills are just that bad!
Anyways, at least I still get to tear this big mother *beep*er apart! Happy Tuesday! =)


jeanette8042 said...

I still can't believe it's so f'ing huge! Loving the pic commentary and arrows!

Kristy said...

Some of them were so random...probably since it was around 1:30 at night when I decided to play with it and thought it was amusing. Hence the "easily distracted" part of my nature!

Anonymous said...

Cool! I have sme of her art, but nothing that big. I talked to her and her sister a couple times at con's. It is actually a Japanese term, as she is the older sister, O'ne-san, got shortened to Nene. She has a grey kitten she loves (shows up in new pictures). Lucky you.

What is wimpy kid? Have I missed out on great lit, or amusing lit?

Kristy said...

Cool, I would have never known that about the artist's "pen" name. I was just introduced to her work recently when asking my cousin if she knew of an artist other than Amy Brown that painted fairies. You're real lucky to have met the sibling pair. The only artist I've met this year is Justin Hillgrove of Imps and Monsters. If you like Tim Burton than you will definitely like his work.

Wimpy Kid is actually a series of children's books by the author Jeff Kinney. The books are written in a journal format with illustrations to accompany some of the passages. It's a pretty amusing lit. :)