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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Winners of The Fire Lord's Lover and The Wolf

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The Fire Lord's Lover:

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Congrats to the winners!
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Now it's time for me to spend a month in this little area in SoCal. 

This blog and blogger is now officially on vacation. See you in September! :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Farewell Borders

Today was the last day I spent my afternoon at a Borders. I've spent many hours of my life at this store, particularly during my college days when I was stuck on campus with gaps between my schedules. When I was not purchasing books, I was sitting at the cafe studying and eating either a cream cheese pretzel, a slice of lemon loaf cake, or a blueberry scone with a cup of hot or iced chai latte (depending on the season). Very fond memories I will have of this store and I will miss it dearly. Goodbye Borders, Barnes and Noble will never be able to replace you completely with your non-snotty workers and your weekly coupons without an annual $25 membership fee. Just like I mourned the loss of Papyrus near campus, I will mourn the loss of you even more. You were my bookstore version of Target.

My last Borders purchase

As a final reminder,
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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Plastic Surgery Of Digital Art

I decided to redraw Hawke in his wolf form for my Kiss of Snow review. The original was too brown and gray for my liking so I decided to redo it to make him look more golden. Too bad during the time that I drew the original I wasn't "layering" so I had to erase the original wolf and a third of the background before putting in the new one. It would have been much easier if I initially had the wolf and background done separately so that I could have just swapped the wolves out and be done with it. Oh well, lesson learned.

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunday, Monday, Happy Days!

 The Usual Suspects by Justin Hillgrove
Another print I need to buy a frame for. This is the only recent print that I own that's not signed by the artist :(

¡Buenos dias!

I hope no one ended up in the slammer this weekend like the shady characters above. If you did, all I have to say is, "Please, do tell."  

Well, I just wanted to remind everyone I won't be posting much after this week since I'll be out of town. Sadly, I won't be posting much this week if at all since I'll be too busy packing and meeting up with old friends before I go. I'm not sure if it matters to you, but that means no reviews of any kind.

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That's it for now, have a wonderful week and for those heading back to school soon, good luck with classes!

A surprise inside every paper or plastic!

Goodbye Borders! I'm pretty sure we'll see one another once more before we truly go our separate ways :(