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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Annihilation of the Creepy Crawly

Holy mother@#$%&#!!!
There was a HUGE spider in my room last night! 
I swear there's been an influx of spiders this year because I've been killing a lot lately. The one last night scared the bejeezus out of me! Did I mention it was HUGE? It blended in with my carpet as well, and the bloody thing moved swiftly! Thank goodness I had my creepy-crawly exterminator near by (i.e a dense flip-flop with a ridged bottom). I was almost too afraid to get near the thing since it was so BIG. But than the alternative would be to let it live and let it roam free in my room. I thought "OH, hells NO" with multiple exclamation marks!!! So I built up the courage to smash the spider with my flip-flop and grind it with its ridged bottom. When I removed the shoe, it still looked pretty whole and not in the usual decapitated state past spiders were in, so I left the heavy flip-flop there and then stacked some even heavier materials on top of that just in case the spider decided to reawaken and seek revenge. Finally this morning, I vacuumed that sucker up and some of it's smaller friends with it since I vacuumed my whole room. Hopefully I'll be spider free for at least a week. Here's a picture of how the spider looked like. Don't ask me why I even bothered to render a drawing of the nightmare.

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