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Monday, June 13, 2011

A Morning with the Post Office

Dear United States Postal Office located near Costco,

Why is it that you don't fire employees that customers often complain about? You know who I'm talking about. Here's a hint, she's elderly, stick-thin, wears red lipstick, sometimes has on red-rim glasses, nosy, and generally puts customers in a bad mood due to her being unhelpful and bitter. Anyways, I'm not writing to complain about anyone specific today, but about the service your overall employees provide.

Today, like previous times I have done business with you, there was a long line going out the door. However, I was lucky enough to be first in line since I arrived a few minutes earlier than the rest. You had three people working the counters and I thought surely it wouldn't take too long for my turn to be serviced. Oh, how wrong I was. Once again, I overestimated the competency of your employees. It took fifteen minutes until my turn arrived. Why on earth would I have to wait fifteen minutes when I was the first in line?!? What is worse than that is that when my turn did arrive, your employee stopped in the middle of our transaction, and for a good five minutes, looked for a pen to provide for the customer before me. Only after another in-line customer gave that pen-needing customer what she wanted did your employee finally deem to continue and finish our transaction. What should have only taken about three minutes tops took about ten! That's not even including the time spent waiting in line!

In conclusion, I would like to suggest you train your employees better in efficiency and priorities management. It is obvious they are lacking in those areas of expertise given the unnecessarily long time spent on each transaction. Better yet, fire all your old workers that have grown complacent with their work and hire new ones that already encompass the above characteristics and a more likeable demeanor. In this way, everyone would be more happy in the long run.

Your long time customer,


In other news, I so wanted to stalk our neighborhood UPS driver today when we drove past one another. He had my package!

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