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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I See Double...Make That Triple

I was browsing through Amazon for potential new books to purchase (even though I still have plenty to get through available just a few feet away) when I ran into this book

Look familiar? Here's a hint: It has something to do with fever and not of the prepubescent variety.

Sigh, stock photos, you gotta love em.


Mary said...

Yeah I see it all over the place and it really turns me off from the book. I don't want it too...and yet it does.

Kristy said...

The only time I don't mind two different books sharing the same cover image is when they're historical classics. However, I tend to make sure the historical classics don't share the same cover on my bookshelf just because it'll annoy me to no end if it looked like I owned multiple copies of one book. Though JA Saare's book was released before KMM's mass paperback version of Shadowfever, I find myself turned off from JA Saare's book since it's new to me and seems like a pale comparison to KMM's cover.

Anonymous said...

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