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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Follow Friday (2)

Hi everyone! It's time to end another week with Follow My Book Blog Friday Hop hosted by Parajunkee. As I mentioned in my profile, I'm not specifically a book blogger so I will only be posting a book review maybe once a week on Thursday. I hope you enjoy reading through my blog and have a wonderful weekend.

Q. What do I do when I am not reading?

A. I bake when the kitchen is free, which is quite rare in my household. Other than that, I watch reality TV shows like Project Runway, listen to a bunch of random music from different cultures and genres, draw random stuff, design and make jewelry, exercise, and gawk at clothes I wish to buy but can't afford at the moment. I'm particularly fond of looking at and buying shoes.  


Marla said...

Ah, shopping. I have vague memories of it. :/ I can definitely relate. Happy hopping!

My Follow Friday post

Erika said...

New follower.
I love the name of your blog.
Have a great weekend!
Erika@Let's talk about books

Alison Can Read said...

Hopping through. I love to bake too...but right now we're on a diet :-(
I also love making jewelry and gawking at clothes. I have a weakness for designer brands but fortunately I'm not an impulse buyer.
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jeanette8042 said...

I love to eat your baking! haha And I hate when I stare at clothes and stuff online but know I don't have the money to buy it all :p

Pedantic Phooka said...

I remember exercise. I sure wish I enjoyed it.

New Follower hopping by via Parajunkee's Follow Friday.

Holjo @ Pedantic Phooka

Jez said...

Would love to try your baking and Project Runway is the best!

Have a great weekend!


Lan said...

Aww never fear, you won't be an unemployed college student forever. Then bring on the clothes and jewellery!

New follower!

Lan @ The Write Obsession

Lauren B said...

For me its looking at and buying books rather than shoes.
Here's my HOP

Bonnie said...

I also love to bake! I am making cinnamon scones today - my girls love them and I hope they leave some left overs so I can actually have a few to share with the girls from work!

I'm an old follower hopping through to wish you a happy Friday!

My Friday Post:

Jennifer G. said...

I've never been much of a shoe person. I think that its because I can never find any that fit! Baking is fun, but I need to do it more. Oh wait, my waistline says I don't lol. Old follower :)

"Confuzzled" Shannon said...

I never tried jewelry making yet I like to look in that section at AC Moore though.

Nikki said...

Baking is a secret love of mine as well, I just don't seem to be very good at it! New follower!

Nikki @ Books Most Wanted

Jenny said...

Ah yes, story of my life right now...looking at clothes that I can't afford.

P.s. Did you meet your shoe quota yet? =P

The Fiction Fairy said...

Hi! I'm new to #FF, but have a happy friday and have a great weekend! New follower
Check out my #FF

Kristy said...

*Marla: The main things I shop for now are necessities such as shampoo, but I also throw books in this category.

*Erika: I'm glad you like the name of my blog. I might change it once I get hired by someone, but for now it works.

*Alison Can Read: Diets suck, I hate limiting what I can eat. I like some designer brands more than others, since some are too avant garde for me.

*jeanette8042: You still haven't tried my roti bun yet! I need my Kitchen Aid back. :(

*Pedantic Phooka: I don't enjoy exercising, but I feel guilty if I skip it too often. The key thing is to hang a goal outfit somewhere that you always look. The guilt kicks in every time you glance at it if you don't exercise.

*Jez: If you lived near me, I would be happy to share since I usually give away or toss leftovers. Project Runway is the best, especially the Australian version! They're so much more openly catty.

*Lan: I sure hope I won't have that status forever. But the clothes and accessories will probably have to wait since I have to save up for tech school.

*Lauren B: I look at and buy books too! If I'm near a bookstore, it's a guarantee I'll spend at least a half an hour in there.

*Bonnie: yum...cinnamon scones. The last scones I made were blueberry. They were great. :)

*Jennifer G: It's difficult for me to find shoes too since my feet are wide but short. I barely fit a size 5 for closed toed heels and they sometimes still slip.

*Confuzzled Shannon: You should try it, it's much easier than it looks once you start.

*Nikki: I wasn't very good at it when I first started either. Some recipes still end up being tossed.

*Jenny: Pshhh...I haven't even nicked it this year. I'm going to cheat and have it roll over from last year since I went over in 2010.

*The fiction fairy: thanks for visiting my blog!

Mimi Valentine said...

You make jewelery? That's so cool! The only ones I can make are out of beads from the dollar store, and they're actually less than impressive x) But I love to bake! I just adore how the house fills up with that sweet, warm and yummy smell whenever you put a cake or dessert into the oven! :)

Hope you have an awesome weekend!

Alison Can Read said...

I agree that lots of designers are a bit too avant garde. Or they have clothes that look gorgeous but look stupid on me.
I've looked at Foodgawker a few times and loved it too.

Kristy said...

*Mimi Valentine: Purchasing beads is always the first step. Earrings are the easiest jewelery to make and almost always turn out impressive even if its design is complicated or simple. And, I'm glad that you like to bake! The aroma of any desserts get me salivating.

*Alison Can Read: Clothes that look gorgeous but stupid on me is the story of my life especially when it comes to dresses. I will never have the build that the mannequins and models do.